GA Notes – October 23, 2011


  • In the 60s most of the movement was about alcohol and drugs and that didn’t get us anywhere
  • kA lot of elders may criticize me for coming here and doing this.
  • Chicago issued a curfew and 130 protestors stood their ground and sttod for their rights.
  • There are fights that break out here on a nightly basis and This is a respectful
  • Hani:Please if your talking note put them And someone had a gun here in the park yesterday and that is un acceptable and i believe that the humanitarian part should be seperated from the protest and if that happnes again i will shut this down
  • Tommorrow at around 2 thee will be a talk in 6pm tommorow at the law school rm 2402 and there is a talkk there on morality of prottest movements.
  • Albuquerque IWW are starting a albuquerque network for ppl who are facing wage discrimination anor wage theft ofr that sort of thing (they are willing to picket bad bosses).
  • I’m a doctor of oriental mediciee and i have offereed free acupuncture aon tuesday from 5 to 6 pm in order to keep peace and unity here in the group.
  • We are doing a graphic artistss event at the peace and justic center on tuesday from 2 to 5 oat the peace and justice center.
  • there is a meeting at 10 am in the united south broadway coalition there is a meeting about doing forclosure actions.

Proposal: The number of ppl who pledge to stay here all night is at least 2. Also we need to get buy in in from the ppl who stay here at night. Also we wil make sure to engage ppl who are not engaged.
Passes Unanimously, no blocks.

Proposal: Monday we will desi give us an update on the permit and we have a short discussion on what we will do if they decide to deny us the permit. This will be announced on the facebook page.
Passes unanimously, no blocks, no stand assides.

Proposal: We will only have the kitchen be serving food from 7 am to 8 am in the morning 12 pm to 1 pm and 5 pm to 6 pm. This shall not include water. Additionally we will have a sign in sheet which be up posted to ensure that there are a different group of volunteers working in the kitchen on diiiiifferent days. Additionally, we will have a space where we will keep non-perishible foods which can be grabbed at any time of the day.
Stand asside: I think we should have food available at any time of day. This passes with two stand assides.

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