GA Notes – October 20, 2011

Friday: (broadway and ceaser chavez handing our fliers from 4 to 6).
Pajama Party on friday night
Saturday at 11 we are going down to bank of america.
saturday at 6pm there is going to be a vigil against police violence at 8th and central.
So we have a bunch of fliers on forclosure stuff.
A guy would like to get information from
Grounds committee stuff with road runner we’re putting buckets on the sprinklers and we need to coordinate with the ppl in envirmental maintenance.
There is a guy who would like to be here on Sunday before our meeting to do a blessing of the land.
We have a state senator here and he wants to talk a minute or two of our time.

Proposal: There will be a working group on how we continue the occupation and ensure that we will have a place to sleep at night (at some point). This group will discuss civil disobedience in Yale Park or moving to a different location (or some other solution to the problem of us not being allowed to sleep in the park).
Passes Unanimously, No Blocks, No Stand Asides.

Proposal: I, Thomas Jones, Will create a list of current working groups and contact persons who are responsible for the group, along with a location and meeting time of the group so that we have an idea of what working groups exist.
Passes Unanimously, No Blocks, No Stand Asides.

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