GA Notes – October 19, 2011

I want to note that my computer ate half the notes which I had written so that means that the proposals are resurrected from my memory (and the memory of some other ppl who were near) right after the general assembly. If someone else was taking notes and could verify that the proposals at the end of this note are correct that would be fantastic.

Go over hand signals.
Go over camp agreements.

Agenda Items.

Are student loans indentured servitude
Consensus Agreements from tuesday 18 Oct. GA
sidewalk time
Homeless; Alchohol Use, Substance abuse
Domeain Name-Change
Move Location (civic plaza).

Proposal: Announcements, consensus agreements moved up but topic of the day is moved down to 3rd
passes unanimously.

Friday 4 to 6 broadway and bridge for lefletting
anti-capitilist maeeting here at 5pm
5pm COST will be here.
Teach in at 11 and goes till 2 pm (at 1:15 this lady will be speaking on the war on drugs)
We love ppl from the camp to come to the teach in.
CNM is trying to create teach ins on friday at 3pm (this was announced by ty)
After 10pm there have been some problems. and ppl from
we need better kitchen stuff.
saturday at 6pm there will be a vigil against police violence at 8th street and central at robinson park…
Local Businesses are in solidarity but they have been financially affected, so in the future make sure to not affected local small businesses….
Facilitator is a DJ on KUNM and he wants ppl to call in and talk. 88.9 2775615 (phone number).
There has been interest in building floats or being in marigold parade…

Consensus Agreements

proposal: we will discuss forming committees for the camp on Sunday.
unanimous, no blocks, no stand asides.

Proposal: we will have an affinity group which comes up with language in respect to student loans and tuition.
passes unanimously.

proposal: we will move to the sidewalk at 10:00pm tonight (Oct. 19, 2011)
passes, a few stand aside.

Proposal: Student Loans are a form of indentured servitude.

proposals: we will have a bunch of ppl stay the night on Friday as well as ensuring that ppl from the GA will spend one night a week at the camp.
passes unanimously

Comment Developed by the Student Loans Group after the GA.
Education is a human right. Student loans as they are currently constructed, with students being unable to even declare bankruptcy when faced by extreme hardship, turn education into a game of financial Russian roullette. Students become entrapped when they are most naive about money in a system which makes it difficult to invest in a home, build a family, and achieve the American dream.

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