GA Notes – October 17, 2011

Facilitator: Unkown

Agenda Items
Co-opting politicians.
Discuss the non-partisan nature of this movement
Extending actions to other kleptocrats
Facilitation Process Improvements

standing events..
5pm small group conversations
6pm large group meetings
12:30 p.m. large group
4p.m. action meeting.

Proposal: start with announcements and then sat 22 march/music item.
passes with no stand asides or blocks

Proposal: move the drunk discussion to the top of the agenda.
This passes unanimously, no blocks or stand aside.


  • they got good contacts in Santa Fe (they have general assemblies of upwards of 1000 ppl).
  • The news is starting to turn against us. So don’t yell at ppl
  • Student Outreach committee is going to be making fliers and handbills and we need volunteers to help with that.
  • 7 to 10 there are movies tonight
  • 11:30 to 2 are teach ins about the movement in the sub
  • 4pm on Friday we have a foreclosure event
  • we need bodies here in order to support this throughout day
  • we need info about projectors or speakers
  • we have a website and we need help with that.
  • Ray cordonia spoke on our behalf he spoke for the 99%. He was speaking for the ppl who were standing for us. He’s a city councilman. So 3 of the 9 council person signed a proclamation for us.
  • Art de la cruz talked to us and wants us to get the county in support of us. at the info desk there is a sign up for different kinds of volunteers. The important times are 2am to 7pm in the morning. The sunrise is beautiful.

proposal : we will not give food (excluding water) to ppl who are obviously intoxicated tonight (October 17, 2011) and tomorrow (October 18, 2011).
passes with a few stand asides

Proposal: we will have a march on October 22, 2011. with music and poetry.
passes unanimously. No blocks. No stand asides.

Proposal: stacker’s need to attend 2 consensus meetings and need to have been a mock stacker during those meetings. (this is preference and not a requirement)…
Peter stands aside (purely personal stand aside). passes with no blocks

Proposal: Facilitators need to have been a stacker 2 times as well as having been a mock facilitator at least twice during the consensus training (this is a preference and not requirement)
Peter stands aside(purely personal stand aside), passes with no blocks…

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