GA Notes – October 11, 2011

6:10pm we go over the camp rules.


  • Tonight is not a usual GA meeting instead it is an action meeting
  • Proposal: 15 minutes of addressing issues at the camp afterward.(i.e. a small GA with respect to issues). passed by voice consent. No blocks.
  • Any one who is wanting to volunteer at a food bank on Friday just meet the announcer after the meeting.
  • We had a visit from the guy who owns the property that bank on America is on. So the owner told us that there is leeway on the bank of America property.
  • UNM has started ticketing cars out on the road. Be mindful of where your parking.
  • A know your rights brochure is here so that we can get ppl to take advantage of the pamphlets
  • ppl. who smoke should pick up their cigarettes.
  • The veterans for peace have decided to back us. They want us to join them on Saturday.
  • The teach in today and next week there is going to be one every single day.
  • The alibi wants to do a story on occupy wall street and what were doing.
  • There is an event tomorrow in the sub/ students for Palestinian Justice (or something like that) endorse the occupy movement.
  • SWOP is going to be doing a primer on civil disobedience on Thursday at 4:30 as a beginning of a discussion on full blown training in civil disobedience.
  • In Boston veterans for peace where beaten up and arrested. Also, they are going to make a statement in support of this group.
  • New Mexico indie media will be recording its show between 2 and 4 pm at 519 central southwest tomorrow (Wednesday the 12th).
  • Anyone with announcements and events can right them down on the events and announcement board over next to the information booth.
  • There is a march tomorrow that everyone should go to that (its at the 4 major banks down town).
  • The parking lot at peace and justice is open.
  • Wednesday at October 12, 2011: Wells Fargo on 2nd street. Take the money out of the big banks and move it to the credit unions.
  • So There is something on the 5th and so we should tell ppl

Proposal: We should educate ppl on how to remove their money from the banks on the action on wed. oct 12.
Passed by voice consent. No blocks. No Stand asides.

Announcement: there will be a meeting at peace and justice to ask if we can move inside tomorrow 9

Proposal: We will collaborate with moveon on Saturday and then do our own action after or before that.
No stand asides. No blocks. Passes unanimously.

Proposal : we will have a party here after Saturday’s march on the 15th.
No Stand asides. No Blocks. Passes unanimously

Saturday’s action is going to be here from noon-to-3 pm.
stand aside at noon – I think we should go at the same time. Stand aside – we can do it whenever.
No blocks, it passes

Proposal : The occupy wallstreet liberate Albuquerque GA does not support any political party.
(no movement was made on this proposal)

Saturday’s action is going to start here from noon-to-3 pm.
stand aside at noon – I think we should go at the same time. Stand aside – we can do it whenever.
No blocks, it passes
fiesta will follow right after.

Camp Business.
No Actions Taken
Close business at 7:30pm.

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