Upcoming Actions


Choose a direction to march from and meet up at 5PM….We will arrive at the Gateway Park at Bridge and Isleta SW at 5:30 to join the rally…speakers, bands, worker’s speak out, banner contest (theme: Stop Deportations). Marches will step off from the north at Park and 10th- East- at the National Hispanic Cultural Center- 8th and Bridge- South- from Westside Community Center-1205 Isleta Blvd- West- Bridge and 5 Points

Youth Forum on APD and Police Violence

Friday, April 25th 5pm

Place to be announced

A space to tell the truth about what is happening to youth here in our community. A place to make the connections between violence against youth, homeless, immigrants, sex workers, women, queer and trans folks, indigenous people. How can we help eachother to fight together.