GA Notes – October 18, 2011

Facilitator: Unknown

Occupy notes for oct. 18, 2011

Today is an action meeting.
Future Actions
Name Change
Safety Proposal
Stay the Night

Proposal: move name change down to the end of the agenda
Passes, no blocks and no stand aside….


  • Small business owners who have helped us, they asked us to stay away from the businesses near broadway… (don’t target small business)
  • Teach in tommorow from 11 to 2 pm.
  • 4:30 -8:30 mirage thunderbird there is non-voilent and civil disobedience training
  • ppl from alb healthcare for the homeless. They do services here at the unm campus and sharing space can be challenging. Who is in the 99% (homeless ppl are) Can we bring the van to pick ppl up, no. They do syringe exchange. This isn’t a long term solution here.
  • A women is offering community accupunctiure on thursday between 5 and 6 prior to general assembly (this is free).
  • Anyone who is around a person who is speaking should repeat what their saying.
  • AA meeting to be held 4 to 5 on thursday
  • Terri: Coming out for the last week so if there is any emergency then ppl can come to here (and non-intoxicated ppl are welcome to come and stay in her backyard). Also she will help with food storage.
  • Today ppl when to the southbroadway project and the director was excited about working with us on foorclosure stuff thee. (friday at 4 to 6 broadway and bridge we willl have some lefletting). This is just an informing method.
  • This thursday at 8 am there will be a radio show on kunm about what makes a successful protest movement (everyone should call in)
  • Next tuesday someone from democracy now will be here at unm in the ballroom. (at 8 am).
  • T.V. Tommorow on hello in there on chanel 27 Paula and erin are going to be interviewed about this movement. we need to give here things to say.

Proposal: We will disucss how we can help the homeless and ppl who are alcoholics and substances at tommorows GA’s.
passes unanimously (a moot proposal since we decided not to make actions in the proposal)…

Proposal: At one of are marches we should surround the doors of the bank of america downtown (making sure to leave a small space for customers) and haveing custom signs saying how much the ceos make.

Proposal: we will do the friday event which was previously announced (Thomas Add in info later):
passes unanimously. No blocks…

Proposal: We will march down to bank of americ at 12 p.m. (be here at 11 am and then leave at 12pm) a and then have a sitout and then come back and have poetery and drums both here and there.
We have consensus. No blocks. No stand asides.

Adjournment at 7:22 P.M.

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