GA Notes – October 10, 2011

Starting off with stuff about the universities reaction to us staying the night.
(This discussion consumed the whole night)

There will be a teach-in tomorrow from 11:30 to 2:00 PM. Tomorrow is about what has happened in the past week. Next Week we will have a series of lecture from 11:30 to 12:00 Pm in the S.U.B. atrium. and all next week.
There is a board of reagents meeting tomorrow at 9 pm at one of the ballrooms in the sub.
As a student of unm i want you guys to advertise to get students to come out here with us.
7pm meeting after the meeting for inviting the administration here.
ppl should go to the info desk to volunteer for the kitchen and camp things…
There are some ppl wanting to resist arrest. For encouragement I would advise that ppl wait for a large number of ppl. The one thing about tonight is that I would ask that someone be a police liaison. I think that Leon just volunteered.
If ppl are planning on being arrested I would suggest that there be training.

Our proposal is that the general assembly is committed to have ppl protest on the sidewalk and wakefully stand guard over the camp tonight.
No blocks. A few stand asides. Passed by voice consent

Proposal The general assembly as a group will not risk arrest tonight.
Stand aside: I think that we should support ppl who do get arrested. Any Blocks on the proposal. No, Proposal passed.

meeting adjourned at 7:29.

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